ClassiCal Adventures, Int'l
Turn'em on and turn'em loose!
Life is nothing, if it isn't an adventure.
Our world has become so much more accessible in the last thirty years.
During those years I have lived in three nations, learned their languages,
traveled them broadly and lived them deeply.  I have had some questions
answered and still have many more to ask.
At 55 I feel as alive as I ever have.  I want to live forever, and believe I will.

Cat Stevens said over 30 years ago, "the answer lies within, so why not take a look now..." 

I believe he was right, at least in word.

Having studied and lived the Classical Ancient World I would like to show you around and hopefully help you answer some of your questions and introduce you to some new ones. 

I offer lively interactive seminars and followup resources for you to be able to in-depth explore the Ancient and Modern Civilizations of the Mediterranean World (middle earth). 

You might think of it as an exploration into your origins.
West meets East.  Decoding the seam of our civilization.
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